Monday, 27 October 2008

Friendly masochist, GSOH, high pain threshold, searching for a slither of sanity

A quarter of the way through this crazy challenge and I have various branches of the Masochists' Guild lining up at the door asking me to sign on the dotted line.

Day 11 of 45 is consigned to history and, looking purely at word count, I'm just about hanging in there - 10,000 words in 11 days, so a grand down overall. In terms of general progress, The Manx Giant and young adult project Quackenbush are moving along pretty well.

Having had the Quackenbush bug, I've eased my way back into the Giant and the joints of that particular project are starting to creak back into action. He's on the rampage again, albeit in a somewhat stumbling Frankenstein's Monster kind of way.

Right now, I'm confident both manuscripts will be completed by November 30. The coming week will be vital - I'm off-Island on Wednesday and Thursday, for work (that which pays the bills), and it's going to throw a spanner the size of Wales into what has been, so far, pretty smooth running.

Throw in Hop-tu-naa (think Halloween, only cooler) on Friday night, and a good friend's birthday on Saturday, and life is threatening to get in the way of a good time writing.

So I need to try and focus - somehow, I must maintain the 1,000 words a day for the next week, ignoring the fact that there really won't be any spare time. If I can do that, things look like they might quieten down a tad by then, and there shouldn't be too much to try and catch up on.

Famous last words.

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