Friday, 30 January 2009

Another deadline, workshop bliss and a blatant facebook plug

Earlier this month I mentioned a gargantuan to-do list for 2009, which I peer at from time to time in the hope that a tick will magically appear beside one or two items.

Number one priority was to get the second draft of The Manx Giant completed, at which point it will go to the publisher for feedback. The aim was January 31, into which we have just slipped, so that's gone. But this week I informed the publisher that it will be with him by February 15, so deadline city here we come. I've booked a week's leave, giving me nine straight days off work prior to the deadline, so I won't have any excuses not to get it polished off.

Before all that, tomorrow offers up the chance to experience that all too rare a beast - a day's solid, uniterrupted writing. The writing group has booked a room in the Erin Arts Centre for a 9am-5pm workshop. Us writers, our laptops, a steady supply of hot brews and only the sound of busy fingers tapping away. Bliss.

Elsewhere on that list, I was hoping to have the website for Nemesis Publishing up and running by now, but that too has been a slow mover. A start has been made, including setting up the blog, but it's a week or two away from being ready.

Another item on the list has changed - the two collaborative script ideas have been shelved for now, and we're working on an idea for a TV serial. Early doors, but we believe the potential is strong in this one...

And so to the final goal on the list - to lose two stone by the time I creak to the age of 40 in April next year. Four weeks gone, and half a stone has been shed. Which feels mighty fine. As an advertising slogan spotted by a work colleague recently suggests, nothing tastes as good as slim feels. And when I'm slim, I'll find out.

Finally, a google alert informed me that, in terms of number of fans/readers, this blog - which falls under the headers of publishing, writing and books - stands at number 22 in the top 50 'publishing' networked blogs through facebook, which came as a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, my total of 26 facebook readers is some way behind the leader, who has 160-0dd, and I don't make the top 5o in either 'books' or 'writing'.

A couple of fellow Litopians are just ahead of me in the publishing list - Emma is 18th and David an impressive 10th. I hate to admit it, but the competitive streak in me is rearing its ugly head. If you've had one of those annoying facebook requests to access networked blogs and join the gang, and haven't bothered, take pity on me. Add the blog. Push me up that list. You'll be rewarded in the next life, I'm sure of it. And I might even buy you a beer if I see you in the pub.

If you've not had a request to join, blame facebook. I can never figure out who has had invites to join and who hasn't.

This week John is reading:

Mort, by Terry Pratchett (again)

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