Friday, 27 March 2009

Back in the groove

Okay. I can't wait any longer.

It's been two days since my embarrassing lightbulb moment and I've got to scratch that itch.
I was going to leave it a week or so before launching into the lightbulb-inspired overhaul of young adult WIP Quackenbush, to allow time for the ideas to ferment.

But they won't let me. My fingers are twitchy. They need to burn up the keyboard. So here goes. No point resisting when the urge is on you. It's time for the home stretch. By the time I come up for air, the first draft will be completed.

I'm not sure how long this is going to take, because it's difficult to gauge how much work is required. I need to write a completely new intro, probably three thousand words or so, then take the original prologue and blend that seamlessly into the story. The new intro requires the introduction of two new characters, who will fix a gaping plot hole that perplexed me for what felt like eternity. Well, six months. Finally, there are two big scenes to tackle towards the end of the book which will tie the threads together and bring the climax, already drafted, into play.

I've opened a new word document, saved it as 'New Quackenbush' and that magical moment awaits - a blank screen, waiting for the words to start flowing. Or not.

To be honest, it's kinda scary. I've had so many delays in getting this finished, partly because of deadlines for other projects, that I've questioned whether or not I'd be better off scrapping it and starting afresh on a new project. Thankfully, the buzz is back and I'm in the groove.

But first, a cuppa. And a cookie. That should get me going. You can't rush these things.


Ady Hall said...

Get in there, fellah! Congrats on the lightbulb moment and look forward to you completing first draft and getting some of your life back.

And perhaps some of your sanity too!

John Quirk said...

Cheers, Ady. Life? Sanity? With two young kids? More chance of me winning Wednesday's lotto!