Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Review Central

When I started blogging last summer, the intention was to include regular reviews of books (and the occasional movie). It's not happened, mainly because my reading has been irregular, to say the least, and I've not been to the cinema for, well, I don't remember the last time I got the popcorn in.

But that's all gonna change now.

The first book review should be up in a week or two. It will be Bleeding Heart Square, by Andrew Taylor, which I'm immersed in right now. My first taste of Taylor's work was The American Boy, published in 2004. It was a very fine read, a sumptuous blending of crime, mystery and history revolving around a young boy called Edgar Allan Poe, and I'm not sure why I've waited five years before delving into his work again.

The next two on my list will be Daisychain, by GJ Moffat, a debut crime novel set in Glasgow, and Born Under a Million Shadows, by Andrea Busfield, another debut novel this time set in Afghanistan.

The idea is to review new books, be they new in paperback or hardback. But I might just throw in an oldie from time to time.


The Manx Giant is with the publisher, finally. When I sat down at the start of the year to edit and complete the second draft, the plan was to have it completed by the end of January, but every time I thought I was there, another element to Arthur Caley's story reared its head.

But it's done now, and while I move on to other projects, which I'll blog about soon, I'm left in that eerie limbo land waiting to hear what the publisher thinks. There will be another draft required, as there are still some research irons in the fire, but the draft I've sent through is pretty much the finished article. And so the writer's insecurities have surfaced, worrying that it will return through the post with CRAP scrawled across it in big red letters.

All you can do is change focus to keep your mind off it. So here we go. What to do next...?

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