Friday, 14 August 2009

Kayaking with sharks and other exciting adventures

I've barely written a word in anger for ten days. It was The Little Madam's birthday last week, and then her christening on Sunday just gone, and Mrs Q's family invaded The Rock to mark both momentous occasions.

It was a great few days - a night out for a Chinese, trips on the steam and electric railways (not that I actually got to go on a train...) and a kayaking trip around Peel Castle and up the coast, where I got to see my first ever basking shark when it swam under our kayaks. At least a fifteen-footer. The christening itself went well - Mrs Q was also dunked - and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the celebratory nibbles and drinks afterwards, and we rounded the night off with a barbecue and several beers. A couple of days (and a Scrabble defeat to my mother-in-law; I'll never hear the last of it) later, and the shenanigans were over.

The only problem with all this revelry and general excitement was that a couple of days before it all kicked off I heard back from the publisher of The Manx Giant after I'd asked him to give me a final deadline. He told me he needs the final draft by September 5, which means I want it finished by August 31 to allow me a few days to review and tweak. So through all this fun, I've had one eye on the fact that date is drawing ever closer.

There are eighteen days left, including tonight. Where the hell did that time go to? I'm not too far away, but there are still some awkward edits and adds that need finishing, and it means the next few weeks will be serious head-down-time. I'm meeting the publisher on Monday night to sort through photographs, and that will help focus the mind.

Things are complicated somewhat by the fact that it's reaching crunch time for our endeavours to launch Nemesis Publishing, which I'll be blogging about over at the Nemesis blog later tonight.
Suffice to say, both the anthology, Vertigo, and the book we're publishing to mark the local school's 175th anniversary need to be at the printers by mid-October, which means the next two months are going to be interesting. And busy.

In terms of writing, I'm looking forward to November. I'll be able to tackle existing projects with a clean slate, and I've an idea bubbling away for entry in next year's Debut Dagger, run by the Crime Writers' Association.

But that's for another time. Now, it's back to living among giants. And editing. Oh, the joys of editing.

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