Friday, 11 September 2009

Giants, Vertigo, that man Pelecanos and Manx comedians

It's been a while. Almost a month, which is scary. And I'm not sure where to start. So, let's keep it simple. A list:

  • The Manx Giant is.... (drum roll, please) finished. At long last. The final draft went off to the publisher on time, a turn of events that left Mrs Q's flabbers somewhat ghasted. I still have to write a short bio for the book, and been asked to tackle the back page blurb, and there's an overview of the book to submit for another website, but, by and large, I can sleep easy at night, knowing that Mr Arthur Caley is the worry of the publisher for the next few weeks, at least until the publicity for the book kicks in early November.
  • Attention turns now to Nemesis Publishing, with design and layout moving along for both the Arbory School 175 years book and the first edition of the Vertigo anthology, plus two submissions to read and respond to. I'll be updating that blog over the weekend...
  • Which is what I'll also be doing for the 113 Supposedly Greatest Books Ever Written - I've finished Treasure Island and The Handmaid's Tale since the last post (The Maltese Falcon). Need to pick the next book.
  • Book reviews for this blog - miles behind. Reading John Le Carre's A Most Wanted Man at moment, having finished Chris Ewan's Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam, with a view to reviewing his latest, Good Thief's Guide to Paris soon. Chris is starting a crime reading club in the Island, first meeting at the end of September, and the book choice is Chandler's The Big Sleep, which I need to read again before the meeting.
  • Topping all those books, however, and with all due respect to those authors, a review copy landed on my desk yesterday, from one of those writers for whom I'll happily drop everything (within common decency, of course). The author - George Pelecanos. The book - The Way Home. I'm going to try and make George wait for a few weeks. It won't be easy.
  • Somewhere in amongst that lot I've got two magazine articles to write in the next five days or so, one an interview with Manx comedian Rob Heeney, who rumour has it is returning to his roots in October for a couple of gigs. If I can catch him in between gigging and playing tennis, I'll let you know all about it.

Right, think that's all. Sure I've forgotten something, but as you don't know what it is, it doesn't matter.

Till next time.


Ady Hall said...

You are a busy lad, Quirky, and an inspiration to us all.

John Quirk said...

Aww, shucks, Ady. Just wait till we get going on that wee project we've discussed. Then we'll be both be busy... :-)