Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The tallest man in the world!

It's been quiet on the writing front recently, with all attention focused on Nemesis Publishing and the first two books, which need to be with printers within next couple of weeks. But behind the scenes things keep ticking over.

The Manx Giant is at the printers, and the publisher - the Manx Heritage Foundation - fired across the cover to give me a sneak preview. It's not what I was expecting; to be honest, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but something a little less colourful and more along the lines of the previous biography it published, of Henry Bloom Noble.

But I think this works - it's certainly eye-catching and captures the circus that was Arthur Caley's life. The book should be on shelves around the middle of November, and over the next few weeks we'll be firming up details of signings and talks, with one talk provisionally booked for Douglas Library.

First up, we need to get a 7ft 11in foamboard cut-out of the Manx Giant produced. He's coming to the signings and the talks with me. It'll help take the focus off my ugly mug.

As for other writing, everything is on hold till mid-November. I'm knackered, and once the Nemesis books have been done and dusted, I'm collapsing in a corner with a shedload of DVDs, a crate of beer and a tonne of popcorn. Bliss.

Oh, and Caley wasn't really the tallest man in the world. But it made you look...


Carol Anne Strange said...

Congratulations, John! The cover looks fantastic and eye-catching. You sound busy-busy as per usual. All the best with Nemesis Publishing!

John Quirk said...

Thanks, Carol. Got a few bits of cool news re Nemesis coming up, should be blogging about them over next few days.