Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best night of the year*

Here we are again, folks, another year flown by and a new one set to wipe the slate clean. MrsQ is working till about 1opm, so I'm off with the kids to our friends' house for a few snifters, and MrsQ will join in the fun later.

There's something fantastic about New Year's Eve, and it's long been my favourite night of the year*; it's a time for realising the true value of family and friendship, and for putting whatever crap life has thrown in your general direction behind you.

I'm quietly excited about 2010 - big plans, great opportunities - and plenty to look forward to. All the very best to those of you who kindly drop by to read my ramblings and I hope the coming year delivers everything you want it to.

Right, kids, let's party...

See you all next year!

(* a quick note - obviously, the best night of the year is my wedding anniversary, closely followed by MrsQ's birthday and the birthdays of the nippers. So NYE is now, in fact, about the fourth or fifth best night of the year. How times change...)


Kate said...

Happy New Year John. I have a good feeling aboput 2010 too.

AmberlyThrower said...
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John Quirk said...

Thanks, Kate. Hope it's a good one for you. Been a slow start so far, but about to get rocking.