Thursday, 14 January 2010

The List

Okay, okay. I've put it off for two weeks, I can't fight it any longer.

This time last year I posted a list of goals for the year, a review of which a few weeks back showed I'd been somewhat optimistic/deluded.

Undeterred, here is the list for 2010. In no particular order:

  • Finish Quackenbush young adult novel. Rewrite huge chunks, edit all of it. Run it through the houses in Litopia. Edit and polish a few times, then submit to agents. I really should end this list right here, at least that's what Mrs Q will be thinking...
  • Nemesis Publishing - I should have a separate list for this over on this blog, but I'll summarise here: Get Vertigo anthology to print in time for Easter launch; Edit and design book three, a biography, for release in June; develop two further ideas for release in time for Christmas 2010; finish text for website and get it up and rocking; Launch a competition for first-time novelists
  • TV script - another hold over from last year, but this time we're already up and running. Writing buddy and I are penning a six-part drama, and I reckon we can have them completed by year end
  • Short stories - this was a miserable fail last year - but it really has to change. Aim is to write three or four cool stories and get them off to comps or submitted to mags
  • Get back to reading regularly - struggled to get into anything for the last couple of months, but need to get 113 Supposedly Greatest Books Ever Written back on its feet. Also have a list of books which I've read that need reviewing for this blog
And that's it. There are other things I'd like to have completed, or at least developed, by the end of the year, but I'm forever taking on too much, so enough is enough.

Unlike last year, if I get to the end of 2010 and one or more of the above hasn't been ticked off the list, I'll be gutted. I've promised myself a lot over the last five to ten years - it's about time I delivered.

So there you have it. One of the other jobs for the year is to blog more regularly, both here and over at Nemesis. So please tag along for the ride. It'll be frustrating and painful, but hopefully glorious. And funny, occasionally. Maybe.