Monday, 11 October 2010

Something huge and exciting this way comes...

It's been a while since I was around these here parts. There are a couple of reasons why this old blog has been quiet...

Much of my spare time has been swallowed up by Nemesis Publishing, for which the last month or so has been sufficiently busy to warrant investing in a one-way ticket to the asylum. Our website is now launched and, while still a work in progress in terms of content, it's pretty much there. (The site also has a built-in blog, which means I'll be winding up the Nemesis blogspot, which I must get on to soon)

Meanwhile, Friday just gone saw the arrival in our hands of Pocket Rocket, the first commerical project for Nemesis. The autobiography of 1980s Manx cycling star Steve Joughin is in Isle of Man bookstores now, and (hopefully) should be in selected UK stores before too long (the peculiar pastime that is book distribution is something that the new Nemesis blog will tackle very soon...)

While there's still much to do on Nemesis in the short-term, with the website gone live and Pocket Rocket published the hope is that things will settle down somewhat, allowing me to divert some of that spare time towards writing, and this blog, which leads me to the second reason why there's been tumbleweed blowing around these digs.

I've spent the last few weeks mulling over changes to a) this blog b) my personal website and c) what I get up to (from a writerly point of view) on twitter and facebook et al.

The fact is I've been stagnating, and - largely because of time contstraints - not being overly social in the world of social media. It's something I need to address, and so changes will be afoot over the coming weeks. There will be more reviews on here - including one or two guest reviewers - and more about what I'm writing, and plenty of good authorly info stuff too.

There is something else you don't know about (well, one or two of you might) and that is a rather large project, nothing to do with me writing, but everything to do with books, authors and all things literature. I'm hoping to launch that over the next few days, via a new blog, twitter and facebook. Watch this space. It should be fun.

Until then, I'm off to find a corner where I can quietly grumble and moan about book distribution.